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Wood Gasification units from Maine Wood Furnaces

Biomass Wood Gasification

The BioMass NextGen / Wood multi-fuel boiler utilizes wood gasification, to achieve 40,000 to 250,000 BTU s of heat output with minimal wood consumption. Wood or a combination of wood chips, wood pellets, sawdust and corn cobs with kernels or coal may be burned in the top section.  The bottom section of the boiler provides back-up heat with a combination of oil, gas or natural gas burners.


BioMass NextGen / Wood gasification boilers may be used with closed pressurized or open radiant systems, with or without water storage tanks and come with a new digital programmable controller, RK2001, which allows for customization of the operation. If the fire burns out due to lack of wood, the boiler will automatically switch to fossil fuel backup.

Separate combustion chambers and heat exchange tubes are designed for each additional fuel. This assures maximum efficiencies of up to 89%.

BioMass NextGen / Wood multi-fuel boiler may be vented into a single chimney with a 6” flu. One chamber of wood fuel lasts up to 12 full hours, depending on outside temperature, and produces only ounces of easily cleanable ash.

Smoke and other emissions are cut to a very low level, making our boilers very nature friendly.  When the boiler reaches operating temperature, no smoke is visible emanating from the stack.

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