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FS140’s Innovative heat exchanger passage design

Maine Wood Furnaces is proud to present another innovation from Benjamin.

The wood and oil combustion chambers share a common heat exchanger, in a design that does not allow the wood smoke to ever come into contact with the oil burner. This ensures that there is never an oil firing failure due to wood soot build-up on the burner electrodes and nozzle. Now, you can truly utilize the convenience and reliability of oil heat.

As we mentioned before in our discussion regarding the combustion chamber, smoke likes to spiral by its very nature. Benjamin has extended the combustion chamber’s unique oval shape into the heat exchanger as well. This design will reduce the amount of creosote and soot build up within the heat exchanger, increasing it’s ability to work effectively, thus boosting efficiency.

The heat exchanger also features a gradual incline from the front to the rear of the unit. This allows for the natural rise of smoke. In an innovative and bold design move, Benjamin extended the heat exchanger into the return side of the system. This not only preheats the return air, but it also “scrubs” more usable BTUs from the combustion gasses before they pass into the chimney flue.

There are three clean outs on the front of the unit, accessible after removing the front jacket cover (4 screws). To guard against the rusting and seizing of the heat exchanger cover removal nuts, Benjamin has opted to use dissimilar metals made of brass and steel.

A unique unit requires unique tools, and Benjamin has you covered. Each unit comes equipped with it’s own custom designed and built steel clean-out rake!

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