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How the FS140 operates

The FS140 operates using two thermostats (or a single two stage programable thermostat) in your living space. One thermostat will operate the wood side of the system and one will run the oil. This means that you will be running two separate set-points.

Let’s assume that you will be running primarily with wood, with oil backup.

The oil side of the system will be set at your “set-back” temperature. This is the temperature that you want the house maintained at when you aren’t around, or when you go to bed at night. Let’s call this temperature 58°F. (If you want to run the oil side as your primary heat source and only want to utilize the wood portion in emergencies, you simply use the oil thermostat much like you would any other while completely ignoring the wood thermostat)

Now, let’s say that you want to fire up the wood heat portion of your furnace when you get home from work. Your house is being maintained at the 58°F oil set-point. You set the wood thermostat at your target room temperature. For now, we will call this 72°F. You go down to the basement and start your wood fire. (If you want to preheat the chimney to achieve a better draft for the wood fire, turn the oil thermostat up while you are loading the wood firebox.) Once you have a wood fire running that you are happy with, go back upstairs and go about your normal activities. The wood thermostat, set at 72°F, will maintain the house temperature by opening and closing the air draft control on the wood combustion chamber. (The silver box and chain connected to the top left corner on the front of the unit.)

When the wood fire goes out, the temperature of the house will start to drop. The wood thermostat will be calling for heat, but there is nothing on the other end to provide it. The temperature inside will continue to drop. When the house reaches 58°F (our oil set-back temperature) the unit will automatically switch over to the oil burner and maintain this set-point, until you reload and light another wood fire.

These set points are fully adjustable and can be set anywhere you want them to be. With the automatic switch over from wood to oil, you no longer need to worry about “rushing home to stoke the fire”. The Benjamin will take care of everything for you. Go out with your friends, stay late at work, relax, and enjoy a slower pace to life. When you come home, the heat will still be on.

With a Benjamin in the basement, these are no longer concerns. You can remain toasty warm inside without the fear of frozen water lines, as both the FS140 combination fuel furnace, and the CC500 combination fuel boiler, when properly installed, can still operate effectively without power. They were designed to utilize gravity flow convection, if the need arises.

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