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The CC500’s unique wood combustion chamber.

What makes it unique?

  • It’s oval shaped.
  • It’s lacks firebricks or wood grates.
  • It’s thoughtful design and construction.
  • Hand welded, and constructed of 3/16″ and 1/4″ thick steel, the combustion chamber is the heart of the unit. It measures 19½” in diameter and is 23¼” long.

As you may already know, smoke contains much of the wood’s total energy, and it wants to spiral by it’s very nature. Benjamin has built a uniquely different combustion chamber and heat exchanger that facilitates that effect. A conventional square combustion chamber, or box frame heat exchanger restricts this natural flow. The smoke will rise up to the corners and swirl around there, cooling as it does so. This cooling process allows creosote and soot to form on these surfaces. They act as an insulator, and restrict the ability of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger.

The oval design also eliminates the need for firebrick or wood grates. These were also found to reduce efficiency. Wood grates will allow too much combustion air to enter under your burning wood. Your wood will be consumed ineffectively and the heat will go up your chimney, instead of into your home. Firebrick, in essence, will do the same thing. BTUs and time will be lost as the unit is forced to heat the unneeded thermal mass.

Maine Wood Furnaces have a better idea!

We want you to always keep a layer of coals and ash in the base of the wood burning combustion chamber. These are to be used in place of the conventional wood grates or firebrick. This will slow your wood burn down to a manageable level, allowing you to effectively remove heat from all three of the stages of combustion, and it will allow the smoke to do what it wants to do naturally.

The wood and oil combustion chambers share a common heat exchange medium (water or glycol), in a design that does not allow the wood smoke to ever come into contact with the oil burner. This ensures that there is never an oil firing failure due to wood soot build-up on the burner electrodes and nozzle. This enables you to truly utilize the convenience and reliability of oil heat.

Other points:

Thoughtful design and construction.

The door to access the chamber is made out of cast iron. Our Benjamin boilers are one of the few remaining wood burning manufacturers that still utilize a cast iron door. They do this because the cast iron will not flex the way a steel door will. This ensures a tight gasket seal and a reduction in lost BTUs due to a constant air leak draft.

The wood combustion chamber is located above the oil chamber. This makes it easier to load and clean. The wood shelf design further protects the oil burner.

Another example of how Benjamin can provide comfort in more ways that one.

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