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Hand welded steel construction.

The one piece, hand welded design of the Benjamin DO line of Add- On boilers is constructed of 3/16″ and ¼” thick steel. The 3/16″ steel thickness extends all of the way out to, and includes, the exhaust collar. Let’s put it this way, the collar on the unit will probably be more rugged than the smoke stack it connects to. Benjamin’s safeguards the DO’s consistently high degree of product quality, because each weld is individually inspected by the welder after it is created. Benjamin uses thicker steel than many other manufacturers. Because of this, they have been able to extend their product line’s life span beyond that of which is expected. Thanks to it’s revolutionary design, the Benjamin DO line is classified as an “ADD-ON” appliance. This enables it to be connected to an existing oil or gas boiler.

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